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The importance of being social

March 22, 2012

Last Monday I met the students taking part to the Feel the Yarn contest: it was a great opportunity to explain in details what I’m doing and what people are supposed to do here.

First of all I have to admit that I tried to merge myself with the students, pretending to be one of them but well … I wasn’t able to do this at all 🙂. Then I tried to shortly explain them why it can be useful to give feedbacks and comments here on the blog or to be social on this platform.

We say that FTY is the first blog and social network totally dedicated to the ‘yarn world’, but in order to be a social platform, people should participate with suggestions, questions, comments or anything else that will make this ‘website’ alive and ‘virtually populated’.

Someone on Monday asked me if they can be free on this platform: well, you should be. Free to give me feedbacks on what I write, free to write what you think, and free, again, to share your ideas and the things you love.


The importance of being social is not only related to this platform and to the opportunity to participate to a network focused on a ‘theme’ that you like. It is also very important to have the opportunity to meet people with your same passion, being inspired by them or simply share with them the same dreams, ambition, or doubts.

Be social, and feel the yarn.

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