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Vintage: the irresistible charm of the past

February 6, 2013

Vintage and second hand shopping are more than a simply trend. Vintage is more like a cultural and aesthetic phenomenon which has been able to absorb the street fashion into haute couture.

This and other aspects of vintage and second hand style are offered by ‘Vintage: the irresistible charm of the past’ the exhibition organized by Museo del Tessuto in Prato until next May 30th.


The Museum dedicates 800 square meters to the exhibition of more than 120 items of clothing, accessories and textiles illustrating how usage endows vintage and second hand clothing with an irresistible charm which only experience can generate.


If you are going to visit the exhibition you will have the opportunity to participate to a photo contest: uploading your picture taken at the Museum you will have the chance to win interesting prizes every month. For further information on the contest click here.

The official website of ‘Vintage: the irresistible charm of the past’ is

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