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5 fitting rooms

October 22, 2012

I know Marianna since few months, but what I know from sure is that she is some kind of powerhouse of ideas and energy.

Her blog, 5 fitting rooms, begins claiming that she is blonde outside and inside. Well, if you mean that being blonde inside is not so positive (there are wrong stereotypes about blondes), then I have to say that Marianna is blonde only outside.

Her posts and her contents are well balanced, never banal, and, very important for the web, never too long to be read. Fashion, design, cinema, food and whatever is a lifestyle matter, Marianna knows exactly how to treat the argument and how to state it.

Last but not least 5 fitting rooms is the blog from where the idea of this T-shirt had its beginning.

Public declaration on this blog: I would like to set up a blog project with her. Will she be of the same idea? J

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