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We at Pantone are continuously working on improving the Pantone Fashion, Home & Interior Color System as well as establish new Color Services for all Fashion and Textile Designer, Manufacturers and Mills, and project that on a sustainable and true “low impact” way.

We would like to remind you some of main driver for this:

  1. Color goes Digital: Download the Pantone Connect App – get your chosen Pantone Colors seamless into Adobe and work with them professionally in all other digital workspaces: PANTONE® USA | Pantone Connect | Find a Pantone Color.
  2. Do you need the Pantone Spectral Data value in QTX for your professional color communication with your supply chain? Reach out to us and we can give you access to the PANTONE Smart Affiliate Website, where you can download the QTX Data one by one together with the purchase of the physical Pantone Color Standard (Pantone Swatch Card).
  3. The Pantone Swatch Card in Cotton, Polyester of Nylon has a proven maximum DE of 0,5 to the Master Digital Data set. This is the highest accuracy you can find in the market of Color Standards and will ensure, that everybody globally can trust Pantone and start with the same Color in their hands.
  4. Use the 2020 update Pantone FHI System of 2.625 Colors in Cotton: PANTONE® USA | Fashion, Home + Interiors.We added more than 300 colors on the trend side in 2020 – check the purchase date of your Pantone Book and make sure you not miss these important colors! PANTONE® USA | Fashion, Home + InteriorsBy the way: Have you been aware, that all those 2.625 Colors provided in Cotton can be easy achieved in Synthetic materials too?
  5. Pantone Smart Affiliate Website will help your suppliers around the globe to get their Pantone Color Standards (Pantone Swatch Card) and the Pantone QTX values fulfilled locally fast and cost effective. Just let us know, if you and your suppliers want to use this order platform (free of charge installation exclusively for your company). Have you been aware, that Pantone stock their Pantone Swatch Cards in more than 17 fulfillment Centers? Lately added Vietnam, India, Turkey and Bangladesh!
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