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Art and Yarn Power

April 20, 2012

Today I’m very pleased to introduce a ‘guest post’ written by Nicola Padovani, an Italian painter who lives and works in Milan.


Contemporary art is often such a mistery. Often, as spectators, we have to deal with works that are not only difficult to understand, but that are difficult to be ‘watched’ as well.

It is happened to all of us, at least one time, to ask to himself or herself  “what the hell is this … ?“, while watching an artwork in a museum or in a gallery.

In spite of this, it is still very interesting to notice how the mysterious side of art can become the most precious one (and actually it should always be considered as such): I am strictly convinced that the most successful art is when you don’t  really need to ‘understand’ a work, but when you watch it, it makes some feelings, emotions, thoughts or experiences arouse inside you, becoming a part of your ‘real life’ experience.


Alighiero Boetti - Senza Titolo


And this is what some works with ‘yarn’ can do: using these kind of materials (wool, cotton and so on) they can immediately send us to some kind of experience that each one of us has lived in his or her past and present: a ‘touchy’ experience, a ‘visual’ experience and even a ‘sound’ experience or ‘tasty’ experience (do you know the feeling of wool in your mouth, since you were a child for example, eating the sleeves of your jumper?).


Stefano Arienti

Yarn, with its texture, is able to remind something very familiar with no need of detailed explanation or can be taken as the symbol of human relationswhat a mistery 😉


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