#sharing memories

Personal and collective memories to be shared with nostalgia-free lightness. The beauty of little things, of the everyday and of affection. The pleasure of normality far removed from sensationalism and extremism. A story of gentle, soft, welcoming colours. Pop colour: dehydrated orange. Feel the yarn “Roots” | issue 02

#new archetypes

A story of rigorous tints similar to chemical yellow. Contemporary graphic details derived from artistic, sensory experiences. Chromatic geometry, dissonant combinations, unexpected dialogue between form and content. Dynamism, unexplored interpretations of comfort and sport. An attempt to define a new aesthetic of the present. Pop colour: cadmium yellow. Feel the yarn “Roots” | issue 02

#private wunderkammer

Collecting wonders in the physical and metaphysical sense. Choosing, perserving, handing down. Drawing pleasure from the intrinsic veauty af things. Finding connections between past and present, between an intimate dimension and a harmonious relationship that represents it. A sort of private portrait, an identity defined indirectly through particular looks, colours and forms. Deep, enveloping tones.…


The origin of all things, the first step, the starting point. Let’s begin here, to understand and to investigate, from an absence (also of colour) thet allows us to conceive a new, personal definition of the present. Looking back over and recycling the past to firmly construct brand-new ways to grow and learn. Neutral, desaturated…