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Coveri Story

November 16, 2012

My mother used to buy his parfum and to wear the clothes that he designed. His name, which was also a name of one of the most popular brand in Italy during the 80’s, reminds me of my childhood, when I tryed to wear my mother’s dress and shoes, loving her tailleurs and her long grey jackets.

Now Prato dedicates to one of its most famous citizen, Enrico Coveri, a very special exhibition. Until January 18th 2013 at the Camera di Commercio di Prato people will have the opportunity to know more about the Coveri story and the passion of Enrico for art, fashion and culture.

His creativity is deeply exhibited through the beauty and variety of his creations and through his ability to succeed in the world. An exhibition which is glamorous, charming, elegant and imaginative as the fashion style of Coveri was.

Lightness and passion are the keys of this event. Clothes, fashion photography, magazine covers and artworks loved by Enrico are displayed to let the world know the great person we have, suddenly, lost.

For further information on ‘Coveri Story’ and to know more about the events organized during the exhbition please visit

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