Dirty Boots

May 9, 2012

I promised you to continue my trip through the ‘bloggers with brain’ and so here I am. Last month we met Stefania and her Zelda Roc; this month I would like to introduce you Rosella Degori, a smart young lady born in a small village in the Southern of Italy and who is now what we can call a ‘world citizen’.

Rosella loves fashion and she likes to take pictures mostly concerned with people. But she is not a fashionista and she is not like those kind of photographers who think that taking pictures simply means taking a quick ‘click’ with the right light and the right people in the right place.


Rosella Degori

Rosella Degori - Dirty Boots

Rosella tries to tell stories with her camera: some of them are taken from the streets, some others from the catwalks while some pictures are about events or moments simply captured in their emotional mood.

Her blog is called Dirty Boots and it’s like her: true, various, coloured and contemporary.

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