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June 21, 2012

Elena does what she loves and she loves what she does. I think that she is among those ‘bloggers with a brain’ you read about in my previous posts. But she’s not only a blogger: she’s a journalist, she’s a digital PR, a content writer and a marketing strategist. Elena is a multitasking girl and she’s really able to transmit passion in everything she does.

I met Elena for the first time three years ago during the first FashionCamp and I’m appreciating her work and her way to talk about fashion and lifestyle since the beginning.

Her blog, FashionHall, is the place where Elena writes about the kind of fashion she likes, the events she’s usually attending, and, sometimes, about her thoughts.

I suggest you to read her biography here: few words where you can understand all her love for fashion and for her work.

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