Feel the Yarn @ FashionCamp 2012

June 1, 2012

If you have learnt to know me during these last weeks, you should also know that FashionCamp is the project I love the most. If it is difficult to explain by words what FashionCamp is, while it’s easier to join us and to get involved in all the initiatives we are preparing for the public.


Unconferences (short presentations of projects and ideas connected with fashion and new technologies), workshops (where people learn how to do something), companies which arrange activities to promote their brands through interactive experiences and a temporary shop where everyone can buy clothes, accessories and handmade objects by young designers.

This year Feel the Yarn will be involved in FashionCamp and will hold an unconference to present both the online and the offline project.

If you are in Milan (or in Italy) you can join us by registering here. If you are not, you will have the opportunity to watch the videos that we will upload on the Internet and to read our live twitting and our real time updates on Facebook.

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