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Here we are, feeling the Yarn

March 5, 2012

This is the beginning of a path that we will surely walk together. For people not directly involved in this project, Feel The Yarn is an occasion to know something more about the ‘yarn world’, its actors and themes. This platform makes the students taking part to this initiative able to show to everyone their talent and the great job I’m sure they are going to do.

You will not be alone in this adventure, I will be always near you! I am Raffaella and I will try to give you my thoughts, feelings, suggestions and ideas about what it’s happening in what we use to call ‘lifestyle’: a piece of world where fashion, art, design and daily moods are merged together creating something unique, and beautiful.

OK, here I am: foodish, blackish and always talking. What about you? Let’s introduce yourself with short sentences and a bit of humour.

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