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I’m a blogger, but I have a brain

April 2, 2012

When you hear about a fashion blogger, you probably think of a girl who publishes her outfits on her blog, promoting herself as well as the brands she wears.

I have to admit that a lot of fashion bloggers are actually outfits bloggers: in their web dairies you can find a lot of pictures and tons of brands names or shoes models, but it is rare to find traces of ‘real contents’ or comments and opinions about the fashion world and what they think about it.

But there are also a lot of exceptions: girls and young women with a critical and clear vision over the fashion business, expressing themselves in their blogs and not showing their faces but only their thoughts. I’d like to introduce at least one of these special bloggers per month just to show you that being a fashion blogger means also having a brain.

Today it’s Stefania’s turn: she’s Italian, she lives in Milan and she can be defined a geek, fashion, cinemagoer girl. She has two blogs. The first one, Histoire de Luxe, is totally dedicated to fashion, cinema and art and it aims to develop an interaction between the blogger and its public, by telling stories and providing involving information.


Zelda Roc in Gareth Pugh A/I 2010-11 ©Daniela Zizzi

The second blog is named Zelda Roc. Zelda is the alter ego of Stefania, a young woman that can do almost everything, like buying a very expensive dress or being the actress of a famous movie. It’s the opposite of an outfit blog: Zelda wants to show to the readers that beyond every brand, cloth and event there is a story, a strategy, a mission and a path of research worthy to be told.

Stefania, with her work, wants to show that the lux of the communication is not the communication itself, but the story, the emotion and the love that a brand or a product have in their essence.

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