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Just Pin it!

April 30, 2012

After Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now it’s time for a new social network, made of images, emotions and inspiration. Its name is Pinterest and it seems to be conquering everyone all over the web.

I have an account on Pinterest and I enjoy very much watching the images that other users post, taken from the web. I was also surprised by the huge amount of pictures concerning yarn and raw material for fashion purposes: just type ‘yarn’ in the search section of the platform and enjoy them.



Pinterest is obviously a tool to be explored in your free time, but it can also be used with success as a work platform: why not showing there the images of your works? Why not trying to build connections through emotional images involving other user’s interest and feelings?

I have built up a board with the images I publish on this blog: if you want to have a look at it just click here.

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