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Knitting Apps

September 12, 2012

You have an app to do almost everything you want: apps to cook better, other ones to share pictures or to know the weather and so on. And… yes, you can have also apps to knit.

Both if you are an expert knitter or a newbie, your smartphone or your tablet become your guides in your knitting activity.

Here there is a short overview on the most interesting knitting apps:

Touch & Go Knitting: this app overcomes knittings biggest headache visually: MATH and it’s calculations.

Ewestash: this app makes it fun and easy to manage the stash of yarn, needles, and hooks.


Knitting Daily: this tool makes you read the latest Knitting Daily blog posts and watch more than 100 of  knitting videos wherever you are and whenever you want. You will also learn new techniques and tips from the industry’s leading experts, find out about the latest free knitting patterns and eBooks.

Vogue Knitting iPhone App: this is a complete digital organizing, tracking and planning app for the active knitter. Keep all of your project notes, multiple row counters, needle and crochet hook inventories, yarn stash and swatch info with you when you’re out knitting or buying supplies at the local yarn store. Never buy an extra row counter or duplicate needles again!

Knittinghelp: this app puts all the how-to videos from the website. The internet access is not needed: the videos are stored within the app.


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