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Lanieri: new way of customizing fashion for men (EN)

May 25, 2016 Feel the Yarn

Elegance passes through many things: a gesture, a behavior, a thought, an habit and, of course, also from the clothing worn.

Elegance is, in some way, being able to perfectly adapt yourself to the environment a person is frequenting, without being anonymous but always be recognizable with a own personal stylistic signature.

For this purpose Lanieri was born, the first e-commerce completely dedicated to men’s fashion, that allows his customers to personalize, following their own style and most of all their own sizes, jackets, pants, shirts, suits and accessories. Feel the Yarn

On it is possible, indeed, to leaf through the catalogue that contains more than 100 textiles, rigorously Made in Italy, that are used to tailor a suit, or, more simple, a pair of pants or a jacket. Lanieri chose some of the most valuable textiles producers on the Italian market such as Reda1865, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lanificio Cerruti, Loro Piana and some others. This makes possible to assure its customers an irreproachable quality both in the manufacturing of the cloths and in the raw materials used for tailoring.
Matching these textiles with the accessories available it is possible to obtain, if it is wanted, more than 10 millions matches for a style really thought on the made-to-measure on the customer. Feel the Yarn Feel the Yarn Feel the Yarn Feel the Yarn

The men who will wear the item of clothing chosen on the Lanier website will be able, thanks to a 3D configurator, to decide the appearance, the finishing and those details that will make the piece of cloth really unique and that, more than everything, will have the opportunity to receive at home a tailored high quality cloth with a reduced price. Feel the Yarn Feel the Yarn

Lanieri is also physical present in four cities with four showrooms, Milan, Turin, Rome and Zurich and three other showrooms are going to be open (Bologna, Munich and Paris). In the shops it is possible to touch the quality of the company’s products and to receive the assistance of a style advisor about the customize phase. Feel the Yarn

The customer who wants to proceed independently with the measurements can do it, eventually supported by a tutorial video Lanieri gives on disposal and that you can look here. has recently gained the NetComm eCommerce Award 2016 in the category “clothing and accessories”. The prize, dedicated to those companies, which through the development of innovative online businesses are writing the history of e-commerce in Italy, has been won ex-aequo by Zalando.

For further information on Lanieri look at the website and the blog


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