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Living in a Mochimochiland

May 8, 2012

Can fiber and yarn become art? Anna Hrachocev thinks so. She’s an artist, a knitter and a crafter from Brooklyn, NY and she has become famous for being a fiber artist. Anna knits (and she do it very very well) and she uses her craftwork for making installations, toys or animated GIFs.

Having a look at her website, it is like diving into an imaginary world made of yarn, fantasy and colours.


Anna produces toys concerned with pieces of our culture, such as cliches, fairy tales or urban myths and you can see some of them at .


Anna is also the creator of Mochimochiland a virtual world born in 2007 where knitted characters can live together in a spirit of happiness and tolerance. Mochimochi is now also a blog and it has also been (and continues to be) a source of inspiration for books with knitted patterns to create toys using yarn.

Last but not least I have also to remember Anna’s commitment in the fiber art. Her installations have conquered New York and Berlin and you can enjoy them both at or watching the images below.


Gnomes vs Snowmen - November 2011 solo show, gallery hanahou, NYC

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