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Ma Che Davvero?

September 13, 2012

If you think that becoming a mum is always a happy situation from the beginning to the end, you are probably wrong. I am not a mother, but some friends of mine are and some bloggers that I follow too. All of them confirm that it is the most exciting experience a woman could have, but some of them also admit that there are quite hard times.

I always thought that having a child would be too early for me, until I discovered a blog, ‘Ma Che Davvero’ (in English you can translate saying ‘Is it really true?’): Chiara, the blogger, is the mum of ‘Porpi’, a 4 years old little girl. She writes on her blog since she discovered she was pregnant. Her posts are gorgeous, both for the way they are written and for their content.

Chiara gives me the opportunity to understand that even if maternity is a sort of surprise, you can find beautiful and exciting experiences for yourself and with your baby. Life goes great even if you have to deal with baby bottles, nursery and… snots.

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