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Paola Navone and Merci

April 26, 2012

In Paris there’s a famous concept store called Merci selling particular objects such as furniture, dishes, table clothes, pens, and other goods, which are symbols of this special place and brand.

During the last week, Paola Navone hosted this concept store in her new studio, located in Via Tortona, Milan. The occasion of this special initiative was the Fuori Salone (I already told you something about this event here and here).


The name if this pop up store, curated by Paola Navone using the objects by Merci, was ‘Merci, the ephemeral shop’ due to its short lasting permanence in Milan.

Here above and below you can find some pictures, some taken by myself and some others sent to me by the Merci press office, both of the installation and of the objects reinterpreted by Paola Navone.


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