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Password: Tangerine Tango

March 28, 2012

Last week my mother came to visit me in Milan (she lives in Como, where I was born and grew up ‘til the age of 22) and wanted to know which is THE colour of this spring/summer year because she wanted to wear some trendy stuff.

As I’m a Pantone-Addicted my prompt reply was “Tangerine Tango, of course”. I honestly didn’t know anything about the Tangerine Tango colour before the end of 2011 when every magazine and website started to talk and write about this strange orange, so I totally understood my mother’s surprise.

But ‘fashion and style system’ don’t admit any confusion or indecision when it is the time to choose the right clothes for you wardrobe. Tangerine Tango is our 2012 colour? OK no problem.

We will follow the trend, maybe helping us with the outfits seen at the fashion shows and the great amount of pictures you can find on these new image social networks such as Pinterest.


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