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Proud to be Knitters

April 13, 2012

While millions of women try to assert themselves escaping from what we call ‘woman’s job’, other ones confirm their passion for these traditional works, giving them new values, new shapes and a wonderful new life.

Some of them cook traditional recipes or dive into innovative ones, writing about these experiences on their web dairies. Some others, like the knitters, have chosen to take the yarn out, and just ‘knit’. Knitting is not stupid, not boring, not vintage, not unimportant. It is a way to enhance the value of ‘handmade’, giving importance to tradition and also helping women to do some brand new networking. Knit Cafés or Knit Groups are now very popular, also in Italy. Meeting people while knitting seems to me more positive than meeting them, for example, while watching a football match.


In Italy there are a lot of knitters and most of them have their blogs where they write to other knitters or to their virtual ‘followers’ about their works, their tips and their experiences.

I would like to suggest you some of them, the ones I like the most: Maria Cristina, from a small village in the North of Italy, is the author of Pensieri Fatti a Mano (in English we can translate as Handmade Thoughts); Emma Fassio has a blog named like her, Emma Fassio Knitting; Paola is 24, she loves both to knit and to crochet, and her blog is and last but not least my friend Julia, who cooks, knits, crochets, and who is able to do everything she can think. Her blog is Nine Fingers One Toe.


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