We monitor the chemical risk by reducing the use of toxic and harmful substances in the production cycles.

A good chemical management system – built according to an approach to the process as well as the product – is perhaps the best example of applied sustainability.

The process of eliminating toxic and harmful chemical substances for human health and the environment, in fact, passes through the control of the entire production cycle: from the introduction of raw materials into the company (input) to the various stages of production (process ), wastewater management and placing the product on the market (output).

TALK | Thursday 23 February at 12am

“Chemical risk monitoring and reduction of toxic and harmful substances in production cycles”



Francesca Tardelli, Process Factory 4sustainability®


Elisa Gavazza, ZDHC

Giulio Lombardo, Brachi Testing Services

Matteo Felli, Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari

Renato Cotto, Filati Biagioli Modesto

Stefano Cavestro, AICTC

Jacopo Parlanti, Gruppo Colle