We invest in recovery, reuse, recycling and sustainable design initiatives.

More than 70% of the fibers used globally to make clothes end up in landfill or are burned. It is one of the effects of an economic model based on the typical take-make-waste scheme made anachronistic by the scarcity of materials and energy.

The alternative is a responsible production and consumption model based on sharing, reuse, reconditioning, recycling, innovation also in terms of design.

Once the product has fulfilled its function, the materials are reintroduced into the economic cycle, generating new value.


Protagonists and main activities

  • Organization of a space to showcase the all-Italian ability to reuse regenerated fibers in a sustainable fashion key.
  • Reconstruction of the recycling chain from the used garment to the fiber prepared for carded spinning
  • Organization of educational tours

TALK | Thursday 23 February at 10am

“Recovery, reuse, recycling and sustainable design as concrete circular economy initiatives”



Marta Martina, Nuova Libra Editrice


Federico Gualtieri, FILPUCCI

Luigi Masi, INDIGO

Maria Teresa Pisani, UNECE

Maurizio Bettazzi, ARTIFEX FIBRAE

Raffaella Pinori, PINORI FILATI