The Art Director of Feel the Yarn presents, through her images, colours, trends and stories from the world of yarns for the SS24 season combined with a material experience in which you will be able to touch the yarns that tell them.

Thanks to the contribution of Modateca Deanna, there will be the archive items that most inspired her and many other outfits selected with the collaboration of CSM Camera Showroom di Milano.

Our thinking about wonder is generally distracted, superficial, inattentive.

We think of it as something accessory, not important, we often relegate it to childhood, considering it a feeling that has little to do with the adult world. But wonder is actually a profound need that we unconsciously seek every moment, it is a quality of perception that involves us entirely, making us sense that we are one with the world. It is wonder, as a dimension of possibility, of amazement, of positive curiosity that allows for a renewal, a breath of fresh air, a discard of thought.

This is the inspiration behind “Wonder” which guided the moods of the four stories of the magazine by identifying four ways of storytelling and presenting a choice of unique and differently “wonderful” garments and materials each time.

Elisabetta Scarpini

elisabetta scarpini exhibition e1673536610448

The presentation will be held inside the location for the entire duration of the event.

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