We actively collaborate for traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

Tracing internal processes and monitoring the supply chain by involving it in the transformation of the business is crucial from many points of view: to be sure that each stage of production complies with national legislation and international standards; to improve its reputation, strengthen relationships with stakeholders and be trustworthy; to manage the network of suppliers with increasing efficiency; to reduce the impact of the risks deriving from the complexity, fragmentation and global distribution of the production chain.


  • Reconstruction on a 1:1 scale of a knitwear product chain: from the fiber to the finished knitwear.
  • Presence of important suppliers of the sector

TALK | Thursday 23 February at 4pm

The traceability and transparency of the supply chain for the credibility of the change



Ludovica Braglia, Ympact Società Benefit


Attila Kiss, Gruppo Florence

Andrea Australi, Multidata

Eugenio Parravicini, Manifattura Sesia

Iris Skrami, Renoon

Roberta Pecci, Pecci Filati

Rinaldo Rinaldi, UNIFI