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The Baobab Tree

May 29, 2012

Thanks to the post published by Isadora on our Facebook page, today I can show you a giant tree made of 80 types of fabrics.

Its name is ‘Baobab Tree’ and it has been created by Pirate Technics, inspired by the African oldest tree specimen which has been a symbol for the local communities for a long, long time.



This enormous tree stands outside the Southbank Centre in London and Beatrix Eden: the Creative Director of Pirate Technics says: “Inspired by the idea of the space between strangers becoming smaller we created the Baobab Tree as a unique meeting place for chance encounters sparking new conversations. Every culture uses fabrics and patterns, whether in traditional dress, uniform or decoration. Fabrics have always traveled, designs crossing borders, being altered and traded back. Within the fabric of our tree we hope that visitors will recognize threads from their own cultures woven into this meeting place at the heart of a global gathering.”


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