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The concreteness and the beauty of yarn within Nicola Padovani’s art

July 5, 2012

Art is freedom: if you are an artist you are free to decide how to make up your artwork choosing which kind of materials, colours and techniques better fits to your needs.

Nicola Padovani, a painter from Milan, recently decided to use pictures of yarn for his paintings, mostly taken by himself, printed on paper and then ‘cut and pasted’ as he prefers.


Nicola Padovani - Senza Titolo


Mixing two techniques, painting and collage on canvas, Nicola realizes a series of charming artworks where the concreteness of yarn is well matched with the ethereal shape of the painting.

Here above and below you can watch some pictures of his works. Other can be easily found on his website

Nicola Padovani - Senza Titolo

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