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Valentina and her Life and the City

November 7, 2012

I like people who loves to live their lives in a cosy way (well, I also have to admit that I love the word ‘cosy’ J). But most of all I like people who are living a cosy life and who are able to share this experience and their passion for beautiful things in a positive and passionate way.

Valentina is one of this people. She is a blogger and a journalist too and she holds with her sister Sonia, a network made of four blogs (Life and the City, Trend and the City, Look and the City and Beauty and the City), a free press magazine (Spray Magazine) and some collaborations with other websites and brands.

Life and the City is the new blog by Valentina: she talks about food, home design and whatever can make your life within your home cosy (!) and warm. Reading her posts is my daily activity: I find good suggestions and cues to bring beauty in my kitchen, my bathroom, my home and my life.

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