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Wannabe Carrie Bradshaw with a pair of neon sandals

April 6, 2012

The question could be: is it better to have the most original shoes or to have the largest amount of ‘normal’ pair of shoes? Well, I would prefer the second choice and I have to admit that I’m among those girls who wanted to be Carrie in her new ‘shoes wardrobe’ (even if I don’t like Mr. Big at all).

Alessio Spinelli, an Italian shoes designer, probably thinks that it’s more important to have a pair of sandals made of leds, neon and wood, than normal and comfortable sneakers. Even if I won’t wear his creations (I’m a ballerinas and All Stars addicted) I find them very beautiful. Something more than simply shoes, but very similar to an artistic object.

What you think about these ones?


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