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What’s the matter with the matter

March 7, 2012

Last Monday I had the opportunity to take part to ‘Conversation on the Matter’, a round table sponsored by Oikos.

During the event the invited speakers, all of them involved in fashion, design and architecture industries, were discussing about what is the value of the MATTER, used for fashion or design purposes. Several answers were given because today several points of view are considered: the economic one, the social one or the one connected with cultural aspects.


Great importance was given to the objective need of ‘sensoriality’ which is not opposed to the increasing process of virtualization. Speaking using Skype, cooking using the food blogs or shopping around using the online tools will never affect the real need of MATTER, both if you have to touch yarns or fabrics, and if you have to taste food or to hug people.

So, can you imagine yourself in the virtual world (like social networks, web or whatever on the Internet) without having the consciousness of your ‘real life’ feelings (taste, touch, smell, etc.)?

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