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When fashion meets art

March 15, 2012

Fashion and art share one keyword which is ‘creativity’. But if fashion is fast, always running against time and trying to achieve the future trends, art is quiet: reflection and a sort of romantic mood seem to be necessary.

For this reason I think that Ermenegildo Zegna is building a new and interesting relationship between its business and the art world. Zegna doesn’t want to force art in the fashion world, but wants to establish a solid collaboration to make contemporary art part of the public life of everyone of us.

ZegnArt is the name of its new project and it will be developed during the next three years, both in Italy and in some other countries, such as India, Turkey and Brasil.

To know more about this initiative you can visit and then, maybe, let me know what you think about it.


Cecilia Canziani, Andrea Zegna, Tasneem Mehta, Anna Zegna, Simone Menegoi - Photo by Diego Alto

All the pictures in this post are by Diego Alto


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