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When sharing the knowledge means building a social platform

March 26, 2012

Last week I wrote about the importance of ‘sharing’: we live in a world that tries to be horizontal when it has to spread information. Nowadays users have the possibility to create knowledge, share it and enforce its power.

Social platform (such as FTY), blogs and web portals are able to influence people: if I give you information, and news or if I share with you my knowledge I won’t get poorer, but I will get richer.

Surfing the net, I found Fashion Industry Network, a business network built to share knowledge regarding fashion, style and design. People interested in the fashion industry, whether they are designers, stylists, photographers, models, or simply fashion addicted, can use the platform as a place to get news and tips as well as a website to post their suggestions.

Feel the Yarn supports this kind of initiative sharing the same mission. We would like to set a kind of partnership, getting people participating in the Fashion Industry Network to feel free to take part to our platform too and viceversa.

What do you think about this?

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