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Yarn Bombing Day at FashionCamp

June 13, 2012

I had my first Yarn Bombing Day during my favorite event, FashionCamp. Last Saturday, June 9th, it was the guerrilla knitting day, dedicated to all the installations made with yarn, crochet, creativity and happiness.

As one of the FashionCamp organizers, I decided to arrange a special corner dedicated to the knitters: Cristina from Pensieri Fatti a Mano, the Crowdknitting girls, Julia from Nine Fingers One Toe and Stefano, the only man within the crew, accepted my invitation and came with their yarn, their smiles and their needles to cover a wooden monolith with coloured yarn.

Seven hours of knitting, words, laughs and people excited to be part of the first Yarn Bombing installation inside FashionCamp.


Courtesy of Bruno Cordioli - br1dotcom

The result was great and really satisfying: here above you can see one of the pictures taken at the end of the day.. and yes the one at the left it’s me, but, I’m honest: I’m not able to knit at all and I was just gazing the beauty of the work.

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