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Elements of sustainability: policies and goals
Feel the Yarn firmly believes in people and in the key role they play in the path of obtaining sustainability certifications. For this reason, the Italian yarn manufacturers involved in the project are committed to increasing workers’ skills and pursue the values of equality and equal opportunities. That’s the basis of each sustainable fashion mind map. Yarnspinners also promote corporate welfare initiatives aimed at workers’ well-being, to intercept emerging needs and enhance the personal satisfaction and aspirations of each individual.

Workplace health and safety, as well as people’s health along with the production cycles, are key factors in each sustainability certification strategy, to be carried on by increasing awareness of the risks associated with processes and promoting safety as a value in itself.


This is how we feel the people

The Contest is about to start.

It’s is an International competition, launched by Feel the Yarn, which involves young designers, with the passion for knitwear, called to go head-to-head for the creation of 2 knitted outfits.

The challenge faces first on the web, where the top 10 designers most voted will be selected, then in an International promotional event, where a professional jury, will declare the Overall Winners.

For the top 10 designers, the awards are:

  • professional shooting for the  in the International Trend Magazine Feel The Yarn issue #10 FW 24.25, to be release in mid-June;
  • promotion of the results of the contest, within the FTY communication plan and branded social media and  in the International press;
  • exhibition of the garments in a main international event dedicated to the FW 24.25 yars collections.

The deadline to apply is January 17, 2023

The final prize is the realization of a capsule collection made mainly in knit for the FW 24/25 made with the free collaboration of the Feel the Yarn spinners. Consultancy and Distribution will be handled in collaboration with the Chamber of Showrooms of Milan (CSM).

The theme of next year is “Feel the People”, in any interpretation of it.

Participation is free at every stage and it is open to young designers between the ages of 22 and 35 years old.

For more information read our “Mandatory information for applying” and to send your application write to