feel the contest 2024 master edition feel the yarn

And the Social Winner is...

Spinner: Casa del filato

School: Politecnico di Milano



The 10 finalists selected by the International technical Jury,

will be announce on May 27th on our newsletter and social medias.


Presentation at Pitti Filati Fair #95 – June edition (25-27), of all the outfits realized.

Only the 10 finalists can compete for the Final Prize!

All participants and spinning

Theme 15th ed. ``CONTRADICTIONS``

“We face a world of accelerating change, where conflicting universes merge.

A new liberating creativity will help us to find a harmonious balance between technology and heritage, with a contemporary vision.

Let’s research innovative yarns and apply updated knitting technologies. Let’s enrich our proposals introducing handcrafted details, accessories and processes, expressing uniqueness and exuberance.

Embroidery, crocheting, overdyeing, overprinting, felting, brushing, embossing, needle punching, laddering, laser cutting, and much more…

Let’s build a positive symbiosis between machine and man, an intimate association of contradictory but still matching elements, respecting sustainability and paving the way to a better future.”


concept by Ornella Bignami, Elementi Moda

Feel the Yarn® Contest is the lnternational competition launched by CPF – Consorzio Promozione Filati, which aims to support new designers with the passion in knitwear.

This year the contest is dedicated to Master* students, to enhance their training courses in knitwear, in collaboration with the most important international fashion institutes.

*Due to the diversity of the curricula of the various International Fashion Institutes, students attending a master class in Fashion and Design with a specialization in knitwear are also admitted, as well as final-year students in a Bachelor’s degree with specialization in knitwear.