feel the contest 2024 master edition feel the yarn

Theme 15th ed. ``CONTRADICTIONS``

“We face a world of accelerating change, where conflicting universes merge.

A new liberating creativity will help us to find a harmonious balance between technology and heritage, with a contemporary vision.

Let’s research innovative yarns and apply updated knitting technologies. Let’s enrich our proposals introducing handcrafted details, accessories and processes, expressing uniqueness and exuberance.

Embroidery, crocheting, overdyeing, overprinting, felting, brushing, embossing, needle punching, laddering, laser cutting, and much more…

Let’s build a positive symbiosis between machine and man, an intimate association of contradictory but still matching elements, respecting sustainability and paving the way to a better future.”


concept by Ornella Bignami, Elementi Moda


Feel the Yarn® Contest is the lnternational competition launched by CPF – Consorzio Promozione Filati, which aims to support new designers with the passion in knitwear.

This year the contest is dedicated to Master* students, to enhance their training courses in knitwear, in collaboration with the most important international fashion institutes.

*Due to the diversity of the curricula of the various International Fashion Institutes, students attending a master class in Fashion and Design with a specialization in knitwear are also admitted, as well as final-year students in a Bachelor’s degree with specialization in knitwear.



lt’s requested the realization of one knitted outfit (men or women) according to the given theme of the contest which is “CONTRADICTIONS”.

Participation is free at every stage. Each participant will be paired with an ltalian yarn spinner member of CPF, which will provide the yarn for the creation of the garments. Matching is random. The quantity available for each participant to create the outfit shall be up to 8 kg, in the available colours.


Who can apply

Candidates must attend a Master degree in knitting. Participation is open also to students attending advanced knitwear courses at Bachelor level (preferably last year students) and Master class in Fashion and Design, specialized in knitwear, according to educational programs of each Institute.

lnternational fashion schools should have knitting machines in place.


How to apply

To participate in the competition it’s requested to fill out the Application form and submit the following documents to team@feeltheyarn.it by December 22, 2023:

  • CV outlining background in education;
  • Look book of previous works with knitwear;
  • 3 looks among them FTY will choose just one of them, to be realized;

N.b. Drafts have to be developed according to the theme of the contest “Contradictions”, which must be perfectly explained;

  • Your face portrait photo in square dimension, max 500 KB. Before to send it, make sure to have given the privacy authorization in the Application form.


lt is required also:

  1. Professionalism and confidentiality regarding information, data, and know-how related to products and production processes that could be acquired during the work with the paired yarn spinner;
  2. Compliance with the rules and times indicated for the development of the project, which will be updated on our website;
  3. Availability to share on sociaI media during the phases of the competition of photographic and/or video materials related to the various steps of garments realization;
  4. Important: please do not include spinning mills, brands and yarn item name in your drafts. To the student is required to have the ability to work and enhance all types of yarns.


WHAT HAPPEN, once you apply

The organization provides for a first selection – after December 22, 2023 – from all the applications received.

The selected candidates will receive a communication by January 10, 2024, with the confirmation of participation to FTY Master Edition, with indication of the further steps and deadlines to be respected and the explanation on how to get in touch with the matched spinning mill.

  • All the selected candidates and their projects will be published on our social media and website;
  • All the selected sketches will be displayed at Pitti Filati Fair #94 – January edition (24-26);
  • By May 15, 2024, outfits have to be finished and a photoshooting of them have to be sent to team@feeltheyarn.it;
  • From May 15 to May 31, 2024, there will be the selection of the 10 finalists by the International Selected Jury;
  • Presentation at Pitti Filati Fair #95 – June edition (26-28), of all the outfits realized. Only the 10 finalists can compete for the final prize.



This edition will award two winners, the Overall winner and the Social winner.

Both will be:

  • included in the shootings in the lnternational Feel the Yarn Trend Magazine issue #12 to be released in June;
  • promoted on the results of the contest, within the FTY communication plan, branded social media, and in the lnternational press through a dedicated interview.


  • For the Overall Winner the final prize is a training internship at a selected brand or knitting mill or CSM – Camera Showroom Milano – (to be communicated soonest).



Social vote: online voting on the contest’s dedicated page in our website,

Final vote: the overall winner will be selected among the 10 finalists during Pitti Filati Fair 95° edition (26-28 June). The vote will be expressed by the visitors of the fairs plus the Selected International Jury.



The organizer reserves the incontestable right to exclude participants from the contest, in case of violation of one of the points referred to in the preceding paragraphs.



The outfits created far “FeeI the Yarn Contest 2024 – Master Edition” belong to the student that has designed it.

Feel the Yarn, as organizer of the Contest, can ask anytime, for three years, to receive the outfit to use for promotional events, exhibitions, workshops, communication activities that could be realized by CPF during the project and after the project ending.

The personal data provided will be processed in accordance to Reg. 679/2016 “On the personal data protection pursuant to art 12 et seq.”