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The magie springs from a fme thread, lighet as a cloud.

“In Mirco Giovannini‘s creations this lightness dominates unchalleged, giving women an air of elegance and a timeless style, like the stars of american movies in the twenties and thirties from who Mirco drew his inspirati on but always keeping one step ahead of today, just like women in the twenty-f1rst century.

This in Mirco Giovannini: talent in its purest state which he has managed to transmit to kn itwear, through the rediscovery of ancient tech ni ques, in a haute couture, fairy-like dimension, in the name of unparalleled class.
Discovered by “Who’s on the next” in V ogue, after having been a consulatnt and designer tor great fashion houses like La Perla, Versace Uomo and Jean Paul Gualtier, in 2007 Mirco Giovannini 42, zodiacal sign Acquarius, launched his first collection with his own label and his unconfondible style: important shoulders and puffed sleeves, always on the theme of lightness, just like the clouds which chase each other in the spring skies.
Collection after collection, his clothes, dresses, coats, and blouses continue to stir emotions and generate dreams, helping every woman to feel unique, special and above all irresistible. Mirco Giovannini’s style is not limited to glamour but is destined to leave its mark.
As only the greatest know how to- in fashion and in I ife.”

Grazie Buscaglia/ Resto del Carlino